Trust The Process

Here we are almost 6 weeks in and I feel this will be the year it happens.

‘Finding MY Style’ That thing that sets my art apart from anything else. I have been involved in Lifebook with Tam over at  I must admit I was excited to start but when I saw the first offering I was not overjoyed. Why? because her finished piece was not something I was originally drawn to. (beacon of light) After all, we all have different tastes right? I pushed myself, told myself, just follow the lesson.


Well as I did I had the most wonderful time getting lost in the guided process, I completed my first project of 2015. Whimsy still is not what I am drawn to, but the information I learned and the satisfaction I had when I had the completed piece was worth everything.As I began to show it to my friends and family, I was shocked when people really liked it. The comments were very upbeat, and a couple people even offered to purchase my painting.

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