Fall is in the ‘pumpkin’


I can feel it in my heart, and see it on the calendar, Fall is near. But the weather (California) would not be my indicator.


So what’s a girl to do?                Get a visual, Paint a pumpkin, so I dd.20160918_214115-1.jpg


But what  a lonely pumpkin. I felt sorry for it, just like the one (yes ONE) growing in my garden. I have never known a vine to produce but one pumpkin.


I could not do anything more than feel bad for the lonely pumpkin in my garden, but my painting did not need to live alone, it would have a whole ‘patch’ of friends.


So I painted pumpkins, lots of pumpkins,

painted with friends and they too have pumpkins.


Kimmy and her first pumpkin painting



Now it looks like Fall in my home and I am happy.wp-image-1901641856jpg.jpg

Reclaimed Wood + Ana White

squareWell, Here it is…. I have been pinning things on Pinterest, planning the semi remodel (updating ) of our Master Bathroom. I have also been scouring Ana Whites website. I think she is my newest idol.

I have always been able to show my hubby something and he would help me get the job done. (he did it)  But lately I am a little more impatient. I have more ideas than his time allows, so what’s a girl to do?

Do it Herself of course, there was just one tiny thing…. How to cut my precious pieces of wood that I have been saving and cultivating and weathering ( because the job didn’t get done when I first had the idea…), I am proficient in using the chop saw, but that would not work for ripping down the long fence boards. So I got a lesson on how to safely use the new big table saw. After all, I like my fingers. 2016-09-12-3

Now that I have that skill, and my tools, the sky is the limit, I say it is like sewing with wood.

I watched Ana’s You Tube video, and followed her directions pretty much.


The wood I used is reclaimed redwood fencing headed to the dump, I have been saving it for projects like this.

We put the towel bar hook system together ( Another of Ana’s videos)


and the next weekend we were going to build the organizer. But I couldn’t wait, so I did it. With the Kreg Jig, it was a piece of cake, and Tom was surprised when he came home and it was done. picmonkey-collage

I added a little toilet paper holder to hang next to it. And I have a place to display some favorite treasured things.