Life ‘Book’ Lessons

This year is zooming by so fast. It seems every year goes by faster than the last, and the last few have been a big blur really.

This year has also been filled with making more art than ever before.

Up Close

Since January I have been involved with the Lifebook group.  (there is still time to join, click the link for more information) Each week a new lesson appears in my inbox. Not just an art lesson, but something to think about, to search deep inside and to reflect on while MAKING ART.

LifeBook 2015

I have been discovering a lot about myself and these thoughts tend to fill my daily activities. This weeks lesson was no different, Jane Davenport was the teacher of the week, and her lesson was ‘drawing on your inner and outer world’ Well if that doesn’t give you something to think about. Hmmm.


I get my lessons on Mondays, I mull them over in my mind until Wednesdays when my Lifebook sisters and I get together and create the art from the lesson. Then I have the rest of the week to reflect, and perfect, both about the art and the lesson or concept.


So even though this year is going by fast, it is not such a blur. I have physical tangible art. When I look at the pieces I made, I have personal recollections about what I was experiencing in my life each week. Yeah for Liebook in so many ways.

Heartfelt Thoughts

Well, it’s Wednesday, so that means another week of Lifebook with Tam at

Heart layers

This week, we are embracing ‘Gratitude’ with a layered heart project.  The creating of the actual hearts was done with some Lifebook sisters and we always have a fun day making art together.

journal time

As I was alone finishing up the personal side of the project, the journaling, and reflecting, I was thinking about what I am grateful for. There are some pretty obvious things that stand out, my family, my home, my life and the fact I am able to create the space to make art. Then I dug deep into my thoughts and feelings as to WHY I create art…. What is is that makes me crave it so much, what is my purpose, why I feel a need to share it with people.


I realized that  creating art, letting myself learn by doing and produce a tangible item, learning new techniques from new people, gaining knowledge, is very rewarding. However SHARING, it’s the sharing , the connectedness that makes me really happy and joyful inside. When I can help someone learn something new, teach them a new technique, guide them help them produce a tangible item that makes them happy, Then my heart is truly fulfilled. So I will go forth and share my knowledge and love of creating and helping others find happiness along the way.

finished Layers of my Heart project


Merlot monday signaturejpgI I was feeling the urge to create and this is what was born. This was created with the idea of having it become a class at a local wine bar.

Always Explore your Ideas

birch treesWhen coming across several you tube videos about using alcohol ink, it was only natural to try. This is the result I really had a great time figuring it all out. I am thinking these ma become a cute set of greeting cards in my Etsy shop.

Trust The Process

Here we are almost 6 weeks in and I feel this will be the year it happens.

‘Finding MY Style’ That thing that sets my art apart from anything else. I have been involved in Lifebook with Tam over at  I must admit I was excited to start but when I saw the first offering I was not overjoyed. Why? because her finished piece was not something I was originally drawn to. (beacon of light) After all, we all have different tastes right? I pushed myself, told myself, just follow the lesson.


Well as I did I had the most wonderful time getting lost in the guided process, I completed my first project of 2015. Whimsy still is not what I am drawn to, but the information I learned and the satisfaction I had when I had the completed piece was worth everything.As I began to show it to my friends and family, I was shocked when people really liked it. The comments were very upbeat, and a couple people even offered to purchase my painting.