When the going gets tough, KEEP GOING…

I completed another two lessons in the Lifebook course. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to make art…

They each have different things that attracted me to the lesson. Subsequently, each taught me something valuable.  The feather project from Alisa Burke was an eye catcher. I was excited to draw feathers simply because I love them, but her words were much more inspiring to me than the process of drawing a feather. Thanks to Alisa, I now have a field sketchbook and will spend more time outdoors sketching and collecting information and ideas that will help me grow into the artist I strive to become.

feather trio

As for the feathers, they are on my wall as a reminder to be original.

The second lesson I completed this week is by Juliette Crane. I think her subject matter and style are both cute and happy.  I have not done a painting like this before, and it was a challenge. I started out excited, found myself somewhere in the middle thinking, ‘Oh forget it” then pushing through with the notion ‘You don’t need to show anyone if it doesn’t work out”

Moonset Owl

Well, it worked out and it was relaxing actually, once I decided I did not need to show anyone.  This taught me persistence and the fact that a painting can always be rescued.